About us

We recognize that your personal health history is unique and you deserve the best explanation.

Dr. Earl B. Maes, MD

Dr Earl Maes is the founder of The Medical Consultant and brings 20 years of experience involving clinical medicine, radiology, and business leadership. Over his years of medical practice, he has seen the value and added benefit that a second opinion brings to a patients care in both confirming a diagnosis but also in often times giving patients the peace of mind over their diagnosis. Patients can then take ownership in the decisions and treatment plans that they and their doctors make.

After graduating his radiology residence from the University of Iowa, he then went on to complete a fellowship in Musculoskeletal imaging. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr Maes founded Emergence Teleradiology 10 years ago and was instrumental in its year after year growth. Over that same time, he has developed and sold several other companies both in and out of the health care arena after their substantial growth.

However, it has always been Dr. Maes desire to affect patient care in a positive way which has always drawn him back to healthcare services. The Medical Consultant was launched in 2020 and will provide patients with expert specialized second opinions and consultations. All patients at some point will question their diagnosis and as health care providers we should not be insulted by that fact. Once a patient embraces the confirmation of a diagnosis it will greatly improve the probability that they will follow through with the treatment for their diagnosis.

“Ultimately getting the right answer is far more important than how we got to the right answer”


Our mission

We recognize that each patient is unique and will have a different depth of experience when it comes to managing their own health care needs. With the rapidly expanding technology in our world, there seems to be a different test for every disease. Every test result you receive seems to lead to another test and before you know it, you realize that whatever sent you to the doctor in the first place has not even been addressed.

You may have experienced leaving your doctors office unsure if you even have the disease in question. Utilizing the internet, we can all look up a brief description of the illness. However, what you really want to know is how this illness may affect you and is this truly the correct diagnosis. Each patient has a different level of health care knowledge and decision making ability when it comes to what to do next. We want you to take ownership of your health and your life.